Museu Municipal de Loulé

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Exhibition "Backwards Archaeology - a look in to the future"


Charlie Holt once again surprises us with a provocative proposal about memory, the continuity of the traces that each period bequeaths to eternity!...

Which heritage(s) is the contemporary world creating, choosing, valuing, these are the issues that Charlie Holt challenges us to look at. Initially scheduled to open on International Museum Day, the pandemic COVID19 made us postpone this exhibition, in this new time of greater reflection, of new experiences, of greater uncertainty, of (even more) rapid changes, this proposal by Charlie Holt makes perfect sense by inviting visitors to various museological sites and in the Algarve to be surprised by these artistic objects that project dialogues, that impel us to have time to listen, to question, and to think how museums give us the opportunity to dare, to dazzle, to question, to multiple stories and prospect the future... It is in the hands of each of us, participate and create the boldness of tomorrow!

Dália Paulo