Museu Municipal de Loulé

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World Tourism Day - guided tour in English

Banhos Islâmicos e Casa Senhorial dos Barreto

27 September, 2023



The World Tourism Day is celebrated in the municipality of Loulé with several initiatives. At the Banhos Islâmicos e Casa Senhorial dos Barreto there will be a guided tour in English.

This space, of immense historical and cultural value, unveils a complex of public baths from the Islamic period (hammam), dating back from the 12th century, and later occupation as a manor house belonging to the Barreto family, in the 15th century.

This English guided tour aims to promote Loulé's heritage among foreign tourists and residents who do not speak Portuguese, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the city.

Join us on this incredible journey through time!


👉 Free registration, subject to prior booking – / 289 400 953