Museu Municipal de Loulé

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Marieta Pinto ( - 2016)

Ceramic basin


Marieta da Costa Guerreiro Mendes Pinto, widow of Eduardo Delgado Pinto, a former Mayor of Loulé and owner of the Pharmacy Pinto, donated around 60 items of traditional Algarve kitchenware over a number of occasions to the then Loulé Historical Archive and Museum. The items include pitchers, pots, basins, frying pans, bowls, platters, sieves, a cook's apron and scarf, a board and may other pieces that today belong to the Traditional Kitchen Museum.

She also donated an important collection of photographs, some dating back to the late 19th century. Around 80% of this photographic inventory relates to official acts by Loulé Municipal Council, carried out during José da Costa Guerreiro's terms in office (1935-1945; 1951-1956).