Museu Municipal de Loulé

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Glazed pot with six handles


The museum began building its archaeology collection in the 1930s. Today, the varied collection comprises 3,553 objects, from ceramics to items made of metal and glass, among others. Some were donated by private individuals, while others were gathered from various sources including archaeological digs. Highlights of the collection, for their local, regional and national importance, include: the stelae inscribed with Southwest Script, which bear witness to the oldest examples of writing in the Iberian Peninsula; the handmade ceramic pots from Forte Novo Beach, dating back to the Neolithic; Islamic era ceramics that are markedly local in nature, such as an Almoravid jug, a glazed pot with six handles, and a pitcher in white paste, decorated in red; and a 17th-century bell from the Convento da Graça (Convent of Grace).